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Hello, people!

I'm here again and if you're a K-Pop stan you'll probably know what's going to go on this post 90% most of the time. Yep, the best, absolute perfect boys in K-world, B.A.P! I kind of show how much I'm into Korean stuffs but I kind of stopped since my iPod was gone from my hands. Kind of like a trauma I don't really want to wake because it's filled with all of my favourite K-pop songs.

But then since I've been studying (yes I have, assure you) for my exams, I need music to kind of concentrate and forget the distractions that are literally around me. You know, quiet zones in libraries are for studying but they are also filled with people who want to converse as they like, so it's inevitable--I need music.

I had this "Youtube Mix" which is very cool indeed because they play all the music videos related to the ones I've been watching, K-pop MVs, you're right. So I was listening for the Girls' Generation and Super Junior, etc in the beginning but then B.A.P came on as well and at first I was like yeah, meh, B.A.P... At first only applied for the first few seconds of the music video though.

Note that I was already listening to B.A.P but only Rain Sound and Stop It, also Young Jae's precious "Da Yeppeo (Everything's Beautiful)" with Sunhwa, because I've been a very romantic (? maybe not) person.

Stop It aka my theme song with Roro (Eng Sub)

Their debut song, Warrior, is pretty much stuck in my head the first time I played it. I played this MV before but I didn't get to watch the full video--regrettable (boo)! Then I started looking around for the other MVs chronologically: No Mercy, Crash, Power, Stop It, Rain Sound, One Shot. Yep, basically all of their videos.

Warrior! Hoo!

And then I become stuck as a BABY (note: B.A.P fanclub's name). I'm sorry life. I love everyone in B.A.P by the way, if I have to pick I'll pick... I can't. Maybe Yongguk? Daehyun is also not bad if I really had to choose, he is a 93liner too.

Just because I'm forced to pick, I can't really pick.

So basically, B.A.P got me back again on my hobby of listening to music because I haven't been doing it and I have been practically torturing myself with listening to music only in the car with the radio (and their ads oh no ads) and now I'm finally back to my K-world, heh! (no) Thanks, B.A.P.

If you're a baby as well, please get to know me well I love having friends who have same interests as I do! (because I barely know anyone that loves K-pop /CRIES)

Other news, my mum is still away and I'm stuck in my dirty hole (no, not that hole you gutter-minded people) with lots of stuffs (more like foods) all over the house floors and couch and dining table and so much laundry to do I'm getting headache. I'm stuck with Rodan too so it's good on one side and... ... you know how messy it is in the toilet, oh my god, men.

Struggling for exam that is starting this day next week too! Please wish me all the best for everything and you will be awesome within one second! (And then forever awesome at least in my head)

No picture because I've been a hermit in the library or at home, but check out my Instagram that I update when I'm really bored yo! Also updates on Ro's beard in Instagram: he shaved! (insert loud cheering)

Life is good, so I hope yours is too, lovely reader!

Angee R Cadaverini

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