2015, come in!

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Hello everyone.

Apparently 2015 is here to chase me down my lifetime! I was like thinking of resolutions but couldn't really come up with something legit (because I learnt that short term goals have to be fairly detailed to be able to attain them, see).

So I decided to come back to my blog for now and reflect on my life! 2014 has been a roller coaster for me, and I will lay down a few main points of 2014 for me.

1. My first official heartbreak from 2.5 years... eventually sewn it back on at the end of that month, so I'm cool now! I hope... :)

2. I was really weak at the time (and with the aforementioned heartbreak, it doesn't make my health any better. So much struggles with the anaemia occurences and their intensity during this time. God.

But I'm okay, I hope. Still has to fulfil that resolution to go for a full body check-up though!

3. Stayed for the whole month in Singapore and hang out with my great, beautiful and crazy friends. Heh. First taste of freedom around this time. ;)

1. I remember cooking and baking for Valentine's Day... and that's all. HAHAH. Also spent the rest of the night with a few of my peeps who were already in Perth.

2. Started the struggle to find a job in Perth. Should have been diligent much sooner. u-u

1. Celebrated a good friend's, Calvin's, 21st birthday with lots of games and shots and ended the night sober. Woohoo! I still had control over my alcohol influence at this time...

2. Graduation Day! Officially a bachelor that I regretted to become of on that say and until now... sigh, though the uni times were fun and now I'm planning to go back and study things that I am actually passionate for since I was a young'un. Need to chase that dream of mine, huh.

1. Celebrated Rodan's 22nd birthday wirh pretty much shitty surprise and played games at the Hyatt room (which I rented just for the freaking buffet LOL). We had fun and that is what matters. I'll try harder next time, I promise!

2. And on the same day Ro celebrated his birthday, my very first niece (I already had a nephew to note but not a niece!) was born! Funny how these two have a monolid only on one eye and double eyelid on the other eye! 

3. My passport was expiring within 6 months from this month and I had some trouble in the airport when I was supposed to accompany my mum to her usual treatment in Singapore. Thanks to the great, understanding people, we were able to fly sooner than we thought with no delay. I'm sorry mummy, I'll keep an eye out for any expiration date ;-;

4. One year left to my official driving license!!!

1. My very first K-Pop concert and concert that I really am pumped for: B.A.P! I'm so glad I was able to see them twice, even though I didn't get to highfive them. :') They really are the stars in my heart, and I wish them well and all the very best in what they are doing. The concert was beyond amazing, thank you for your hard work, 우리 B.A.P!

2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but around this time I started my first experience in Accounting in Perth! Wow, the work life was such a new experience for me. Contract lasted only for a few months but it was a good time. :)

1. Mum's 54th birthday that we spent together in Perth! :) I remembered the cake... we didn't do much though because mum was pretty weak back then. :) but this year let's compensate for it, Mum! Wooh!!!

1. Was pissed off with Roro because he didn't study enough so we had to delay our trip to Melbourne. :(

2. But we had fun in Melbourne nonetheless, yay!... Not really it was raining almost all the time. But gelato was goddamn compensating. Also the hotel on the very last day we stayed in, yessss!

Gold Coast was beautiful and damn Fish n Chips over there is no joke, okay. Although, I wish I had more courage to ride on those scary rides at the theme park!... :'(

Sydney was hella and very nostalgic. Sigh. Mappen... I miss you already now.

Overall the trip was very memorable for me and I would like to come back to these places again after I have travelled the world!

3. Not to forget the 36th 20th AKA our third anniversary happened!!! Oh god, when I reflected on our past three years we have gone through a lot and I am very touched... hoping to see more of the world with you, Roro! :)

1. Wow, really. Time flew by so fast because I turned 21 in this month, on the 21st. I spent the day just with Roro and the beautiful cake he had for me! :)

2. Also had a party on another day where I party too hard and drank too fast I start the puking line on that night. All in all, I love you bros and thank you so much for coming my favs!!! :) What a great night we had, huh!

3. Not to forget to mention I got addicted with Alpacasso and actual alpacas after I found Shiro in Sydney, and then I started to become Alpacasso collector like I spent so much just on these little cuties.

1. Andros came back for his graduation. So, with his short term stay as an excuse we partied so hard a couple of times and I once again showed my loser alcohol influence that was never like this before. Probably a part of becoming an adult... Sigh.

1. Ate a lot while I helped Ro with his assignments because he panicks a lot and that's okay. I'm here to help and they were such fun times!... Also made me realise how much I had been dreaming of becoming an Engineer before and I just threw it away just like that, I was dumb.

2. Spent lots of dimes on my games. Oops. Should not have revealed this...

3. Spent a loooooot of time with my baby Jo because her hubby wasn't around in Perth for some time. Haha, it was fun though! Let's play again, you're a fun addition to my household :')

4. Jessica left (or more like, kicked out of) SNSD. Truly shaken and I didn't know how to react... I haven't even seen her as a member and that made me regret so many things :(

1. Not sure what happened here except Rodan had his exams and lots of assignments and basically I got droplets of his shits as well. Bless me.

2. Celebrated Kim's 21st birthday! With lots of drinks and this time I got back and win over alcohol influence. Got tipsy but my tummy could hold it, thank god (no one could hold my puke at this time so I better not). Thank you for the fun games you have planned and basically for making me busy for a few days because they were actually pretty fun! ;) just don't do it last minute and don't bake with wholemeal flour. Heh.

3. Found new addictions beside Alpacasso, which are EXO and Bangtan Boys. Because I said so. Also, Chanyeol is totally my second husband (first always goes to Rodan dammit), I can see it in ng mirror ball.

4. Went to Bali for transit and it was freaking nostalgic. Also finally met my mum in Singapore for the first time in 6 months like omg, mum!

1. Meeting my resolutions early by signing up for the gym in Jakarta and going for many, many sessions of personal training with a great trainer. Also losing all those fats I gain from I don't know what.

2. Realising that the best way to live in Jakarta is to have something to do at home and just fucking stay at home then. Ha!

3. Finally reunited with Bali again. And with Princess the Husky, Jo's little baby. And stayed the night with Jo supposed to sleep early but we kept on talking because that's how we roll.

4. Reunited with Ro for New Year's Eve looking at the bunch of cars on the road that crowded just for the fireworks. Oh god.

Thank you for the roller coaster hell of a year, 2014! I don't want to revisit 2014, thanks. I'd rather bury it deep inside the core of the earth except for the good times I've had.

In the coming year, I am planning to find a job as an accountant and while I am unoccupied, I'm going to introspect myself to find my real, ultimate value in and way of life. I wish everyone would respect my decision, and none shall bitch about it because when it comes to you like hell my shit doesn't even come out, man! Ha.

Entirely looking forward to have my own place to live, like an adult, but we'll get to this some time later. Heh.

Also planning to study more languages because knowing many languages are fun and would enable me to eavesdrop people on the street, yas...

I would also love to learn more about science and engineering craps because I feel like that's where I actually belong, besides the fact that it is more interesting than anything I could ever lay my hands on.

I want to gain some barista skills too! And for something that I always mix baristas for, bartending, I'd love to learn that one too.

MOST IMPORTANTLY! I need to get myself into MMA or any kind of martial arts because I feel like I'd need that so I can be more independent and confident of myself. Furthermore, I have a lot of hate in me so I really want to get rid of it without hurting anyone heh heh.
Looking forward to getting my official driver's license though, finally... oh... it has been two years?

Emotionally, I wish for this year to be able to get a hold of that roller coaster emotional state of mind and heart--or at least let me control my expressions because I'm really bad at that. I am currently thinking so hard about this matter that I already have another blog post started about it. Maybe not on this blog because I have had some crazy angst stuffs here alright.
Then again I hope it's just some regular PMS passing by and I hope I can get rid of this feeling that is stuck somewhere between my heart and my lungs and it's slowly suffocating me like, God damn.

Twenty-fifteen has just started and I wish for everything nice for myself. Although, I know, no matter how much I try to improve my life this year, I will never get to perfection because that is just beyond impossible. Though, hey, I'm still trying.

I resolve to love more and hate less. I resolve to be more open minded. I resolve to be successful from this year on and I believe I can be someone that does something that will help the world slowly, slowly--starting from those around me. Big words. Hey, I am serious.

Best of wishes to you all from this year of 2015 and on,
Angee R. Cadaverini

PS: I hope I don't encounter any Korean band/singer that I will totally dig because my heart would not be able to handle it anymore. I can't hold all of B.A.P, Chanyeol, and many many of my biases in my arms, jaebal.
PPS: Self, let me blog more and be more proactive in blogging. I have been really lazy and I have been abandoning my blog even though it feels so good to blog my heart out. I also have another slowly forgotten blog to start and eventually run. Damn, I should stop procrastinating...

Give it half a year and the year changed with it.

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Evening, people!

I haven't been blogging for ever and you know something is up when I blog. Mostly it's like my mental block and somehow I just need to get it out. But don't worry, I won't rant. ;)

Instead, I want to ask a question.

Before all that, though, let's serve the purpose of many blogs: sharing. In this case, my life from my last blog up until 2014.

To make it short, I'm going to make it to a brief timeline!

6 June 2013: Mum's birthday! She came back from Indo to visit me about a week after and I had a surprise for her: a cheesecake, from a shop... It turned out well!

The rest of June: Mainly dealt with Semester 1 exam; all went great, I can say!

Sometime in late June/early July: Ro patched up all the problems with the car and he has got back what seems to be a new car. I missed you, Baka!

6 July 2013: Our first road trip together was a short one to Swan Valley... I loved wine tasting sooo much! The cheese was awesome too. And of course, who can say no to getting tipsy as early as the second tasting stop? Heh.

20 July 2013: The 24th monthsary/2nd anniversary spent greatly and ended with an awesome buffet at Hyatt. Must try all the desserts, I swear.

Early August: Back to uni for the second as well as my very last semester at Uni. Sad, yet excited!

13 August 2013: Felt it was going to be a lucky day as it's full of great numbers in the date--played a scratchie Lotto and won $50 from a $10 scratchie! Gotta brag about that first win, you know...

21 August 2013: Another great birthday! Full of surprises and wishes too! Thank you, all my friends! I love you guys for not spraying me with a bottle of water-ful of love! (All just because my mum was there... if not, I'd be wet... literally!)

Late August or maybe early September?: Played Paintball with the peeps! Was fun, I did not move, shoot or get bruised much a ha ha thanks to my "active" being. It was a great experience though! And also, I had my birthday party then. Not that fun, but too full. No one got out-of-hand drunk... so sad.

8 - 15 November: Last three exams of the life! ... until I decide to study again. I was not that sure for my exams but seeing the results now, I'm glad I didn't go clubbing at all. (sighs in relief) I did my best, and boy, that mattered!

2 - 4 December 2013: Went for a trip across the sea by the ferry with Rodan, Jovita, and Calvin! It was really, really fun so I'm glad I went! Went for the cycle (actually I went with Rodan hehe thanks for the tiring ride), got tanned unwantingly, beach, seafoods and expensive foods, and of course, shots! I didn't get drunk neither did I vomit because I avoided the soda. Smart aye.

12 December 2013: Rodan's mum and sister visited Perth! Hella nervous but... it went okay, or didn't it..? ...I know it did.

Also, this was the day when the anxiety attack hits me really bad. It was not just some minor hardly breathing or sweating bullets anxious, it was definitely an unpleasant attack. I didn't know at first too until I googled it. I was shaking and my lungs stopped working properly.

I was scared, but did anyone genuinely care?

14 - 15 December 2013: Another one came to get me. I have always been afraid of being alone but I never thought it would get me that far. I didn't sleep nor did I eat on that day. It's the day where I lost appetite so much too, until recently when I went to Singapore.

I don't want to be alone anymore. If I don't have to be alone, don't leave me alone.

I was scared.

The rest of December: Spent with Rodan's family, full of this and that and of course smiles! It was fun! And I ate spicy foods. (Seriously.)

25 December 2013: First Christmas without mum and that night I cried like a fucking baby when I went on the phone with her and the rest of the family. Jeaus Christ how could you?!

26 December 2013: Bought a new laptop to replace a really old one and it turned out to be a piece of shit. Ha ha very funny with the updates, PC. Give me back my connection to the fast internet, bitch.

30 December 2013: In Singapore 'til now and I'm enjoying every second I'm spending with my lovely mum. Damn, I missed her a lot. Can I just cry now.

1 January 2014: The first NYE in Singapore, very near to Orchard, yet not hearing a single firework. Well done, SG, what have you done to your fireworks they were supposed to be my alarm for the change of year!

I am on the 3rd of January now and I'll be moving to the apartment today. I'm excited for my whole month in Singapore to spend it with my beloved best friends and also to accompany my mum with her medical stuffs. He he.

WARNING: The rest of the post will contain sadness and slight rant alongside with so many questions. Turn back if you don't like deep shit.

Anyway, remember what I was on about just now? Yes, I was going to ask a very psychological/philosophical/insert other weird long words here questions to you all.

How do you know if you are not the only one trying within the relationship?

Ugh, right? Exactly how I feel right now. I've been trying so hard to show how much I can care for this special person yet when I do I just got slammed down.

Was it wrong to show how I feel?
Was it wrong to even feel how I feel in the first place?

Say, I love him nevertheless how he feels about me. I will just keep showering him with my love as much as I can, as well with my attention.

I did all I can, but not sure if I'm stupid but I just noticed how little I get from him. I don't expect a romantic surprise or any other weird romantic gestures you can think of.
Just a bit of consideration is more than enough.

Sometimes if I don't see it, I'll feel like I'm wearing that person down and I will just quietly walk away because I've been thinking that all this time I've been bothering this person in my life.

I was just trying to do what I can for them especially when I need help. But when I do ask for help, even the smallest thing, I get ignored? I thank him for doing the very generous thing some time ago to keep my home safe, though. But even he felt reluctance with that at first.

Am I the one being selfish? I don't know.

Then again, I watched in a show that you'll have to be selfish in everything because if you don't and you'll just gonna give in and not fight for yourself then it's fucking useless.
Stop thinking about others so much and think about yourself, right?

I tried both. Thinking about myself and you.

But then I remember the nights starting from the night my first anxiety attack struck me.
I felt so alone and basically all of the trauma went through and I just... no. I had to help myself. I tried to look for help but no one was there to help me. I had to calm myself down but the fact that I had to do it myself just brought me down further.
I almost gave up so I listened to Everything's Alright by Laura Shigihara to calm myself down.
It was not easy alrigt, people would have experienced worse but for me, it was bad.

That was not as bad as the second one. When I didn't have any appetite, nor did I sleep, trying to survive by myself with what I can. Constant minor attacks now and then... and the day after I just burst to a major one.

I was so ashamed of myself, I hated myself for it. Who wouldn't hate a stubborn illness? It's something that I can fight too, but I couldn't. I'm not a doctor nor was I any expert on such things.

I had to rely on people, and I tried to reach to them... but I never can take ahold of them.

I just need a bit of attention, not all of it.
I just need one message, not thousands of them.
I just need a help, not a sacrifice.

I gave what I could, though I couldn't swear it was a lot or too much.
I did what I could.
But when I'm the one on the requesting side, it was never fulfilled.

How do I know if you feel the same, or at least about at par with me?

I had to let it be known that I'm already at that stage of slipping away quietly and not being who I usually am because I feel like I'm just a useless, additional weight in his life.

There's just one that I need.

Hold me.
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is a little later on.
- Simple and Clean, Utada Hikaru

All the best wishes in this New Year,
And loves,
Angee R. Cadaverini

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Best. Absolute. Perfect.

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Hello, people!

I'm here again and if you're a K-Pop stan you'll probably know what's going to go on this post 90% most of the time. Yep, the best, absolute perfect boys in K-world, B.A.P! I kind of show how much I'm into Korean stuffs but I kind of stopped since my iPod was gone from my hands. Kind of like a trauma I don't really want to wake because it's filled with all of my favourite K-pop songs.

But then since I've been studying (yes I have, assure you) for my exams, I need music to kind of concentrate and forget the distractions that are literally around me. You know, quiet zones in libraries are for studying but they are also filled with people who want to converse as they like, so it's inevitable--I need music.

I had this "Youtube Mix" which is very cool indeed because they play all the music videos related to the ones I've been watching, K-pop MVs, you're right. So I was listening for the Girls' Generation and Super Junior, etc in the beginning but then B.A.P came on as well and at first I was like yeah, meh, B.A.P... At first only applied for the first few seconds of the music video though.

Note that I was already listening to B.A.P but only Rain Sound and Stop It, also Young Jae's precious "Da Yeppeo (Everything's Beautiful)" with Sunhwa, because I've been a very romantic (? maybe not) person.

Stop It aka my theme song with Roro (Eng Sub)

Their debut song, Warrior, is pretty much stuck in my head the first time I played it. I played this MV before but I didn't get to watch the full video--regrettable (boo)! Then I started looking around for the other MVs chronologically: No Mercy, Crash, Power, Stop It, Rain Sound, One Shot. Yep, basically all of their videos.

Warrior! Hoo!

And then I become stuck as a BABY (note: B.A.P fanclub's name). I'm sorry life. I love everyone in B.A.P by the way, if I have to pick I'll pick... I can't. Maybe Yongguk? Daehyun is also not bad if I really had to choose, he is a 93liner too.

Just because I'm forced to pick, I can't really pick.

So basically, B.A.P got me back again on my hobby of listening to music because I haven't been doing it and I have been practically torturing myself with listening to music only in the car with the radio (and their ads oh no ads) and now I'm finally back to my K-world, heh! (no) Thanks, B.A.P.

If you're a baby as well, please get to know me well I love having friends who have same interests as I do! (because I barely know anyone that loves K-pop /CRIES)

Other news, my mum is still away and I'm stuck in my dirty hole (no, not that hole you gutter-minded people) with lots of stuffs (more like foods) all over the house floors and couch and dining table and so much laundry to do I'm getting headache. I'm stuck with Rodan too so it's good on one side and... ... you know how messy it is in the toilet, oh my god, men.

Struggling for exam that is starting this day next week too! Please wish me all the best for everything and you will be awesome within one second! (And then forever awesome at least in my head)

No picture because I've been a hermit in the library or at home, but check out my Instagram that I update when I'm really bored yo! Also updates on Ro's beard in Instagram: he shaved! (insert loud cheering)

Life is good, so I hope yours is too, lovely reader!

Angee R Cadaverini

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May May comes and let April go.

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Oh, hey everyone! :)

Finally I'm back, I know I promised to blog after my exam finished but it turned out that I had a lot of assignments to do. Now that I'm free of assignment (insert cheering sounds here) I may as well blog, but to note you guys I have only 30 minutes to blog before I have to start studying for my upcoming exam, whoosh here I go!

Okay, the last time I left you guys on a cliffhanger with the topic of surprise. It was actually for Rodan the great, and I'm going to talk about it in this post :x

I baked cupcakes at the very last minute in the morning of the 17th of April, it was last minute because I had to hand the box of cupcakes to someone in the morning since I won't be driving to Rodan's place and... it would be stupid to just leave it at his place. So then, good thing I had a hand from Andros since he had Uni a bit later in the afternoon so that means I don't have to rush on the decoration, yay! That was one busy thing out, sadly, no I don't have any pictures of the cupcakes (I was really rushed that morning and neither did I remember about it at the surprise, oops.)

Next thing is coming over to Rodan's and I let him go to Uni, as I wait at his place--secretly planning a surprise. This is a step to make sure he won't expect much at night, and I was pretty good acting out that I don't have any cake for him. The next step is actually the 21 balloons, but bloody hell... I underestimated the process of tying up the balloons because they hurt the tips of my fingers very bad. My fingers were all red, but after determination... 21 balloons are done by 8pm when Rodan came home from Uni! I believe these balloons are still in his place, becoming smaller and smaller...

this is like sideways please rotate your monitor instead

The last part of the surprise, is the actual midnight, on 18th of April. I was... so... regretful that I was being too tired and ended up sleeping next to Rodan (because he slept earlier too -_-) I thought that if I play this Voltage Inc game I wouldn't be sleepy but lol I slept until 12:20am when I woke up from the noises my friends (the surprise-rs?) made outside Rodan's house. First thing I spat out was, "Oh shit." Due to panicking, I got up super noisily and went downstairs to get them, fuck I felt really bad since I was the one who invited everyone to the surprise ; ; but all is good, except that Rodan woke up too.. and yes, obviously he sensed something came up.

And something did! We lit up the sparklers and candles in the house, big mistake, woke up the whole house (sorry guys D:) and then I had Rodan to come down (I locked him in when I was downstairs to get the guys) and happy birthday to you!

lol Andros water you doin

He was glad, even though he probably already knew what's going to come up. Blew the candle until it's gone because ha ha I used the candles that would be hard to extinguish unless it's put into the water, sorry Ro! Everyone enjoyed a cupcake each, and lastly, the revenge. Rodan was the one who planned the water splashing last year on my birthday, and it's my time to get him back.

So we did. He got it worse too, having undiluted protein shake all over his back and he didn't even realise when Rama poured it onto him. Funny that he was chasing everyone especially Fred around the neighbourhood for that, making him forgot that we actually had more under our sleeves. Ha!

hahaha! looked like man's ejaculation product, pfft!

It started bad but it went well towards the end, so it was really enjoyable for me! And hopefully for Rodan and everyone else too! I got my revenge and therefore it was more than enough!

wheewee! where are the cupcakes?!

Rodan just birthday-treated me yesterday orz because he's been broke, he said. But, we went on a date for our 21st monthsary on the 20th of April! I love the number 21 so I just had to celebrate it. We went to Fremantle and he wore the present I gave him, both the belt and the shirt and he looked handsome! Of course my choice never fails, heh!

After that both of us are just basically drowning in assignments :( we met most of the times at the Uni and I felt that was really... romantic. Not. But mine ended, and Rodan had just gone even more hectic, but I just wish him all the best!

Lastly, we went to the cinema for Iron Man 3. I fucking love Tony Stark (not more than Captain America though sorry), thanks Marvel. I'm more of a fangirl now thanks to this movie. ; ;

And here are pictures for the date and the movie catch-up, also caught up with Fred and Kim at last! Miss you guys, hang out again soon! If only I didn't live so far (insert gross sobbing)

"yearly" neoprints! marking the 21st month!

too dark! but Iron Man lit our world up! (with his jet flame)

let's hang out again! that day's karaoke was beyond awesome, lost my voice ;p

Angee R Cadaverini

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G'day, my readers!

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I bet you come here because you knew me but just in case you don't. (But what's the reason not to, I mean how do you know my blog in the first place, wait, getting slightly distracted here...) As it said everywhere in this blog, I'm Angee, a university student living down under particularly on the western side of... down under; not a big deal, I didn't study to be a socialist, socialite (?), journalist, pro-blogger, fashion elitist ended up journalist but on fashion, any kind of writer, or even someone who wants to be on the public face. I'm just studying Accounting so if you think my blog is boring, that's good, because that's how my career should work (boo...)

So, I don't expect you to expect so highly of me because I'm just another boring chick just wanting a blog to talk about stuffs I see in life whether it's tangible, intangible (psst, Accounting terms), feelings, experience... I just want to share it with somebody in the world because I know I can't always share it with people who I know. Even though I'll be posting the URL of the blog up on my FB and Twitter so basically this will be shared to people who knows me too so anyway!

If you all have known me for awhile especially on Twitter, I have another blog here where I rant and rant about my love life especially because it was and still is as rough as a sandpaper. If you compare that place to here, it is basically a hell. So, I advise you not to go there but if you want to get fired up, I didn't put the "forbidden" sign on it so please feel welcome to.

I don't really want to write an essay on my first post but I've just got to share something I passed on by in my life recently, and don't worry, I won't get you fired up :)

Lately, I've been particularly excited about the things that will happen real soon but I can't really say what because it's still kind of a secret from public but as soon as it happens, I will update you guys about it! ;) I've been spending my money on weird stuffs from the reject stores but it turns out they are pretty complete and interesting? Ooh the mystery of reject shops.

Also! I'm finally going to touch the kitchen again real soon after a veeery long time, I know this is not a food/cooking blog but I will share it with you guys once I can actually share it :)

But even so with all the fun stuffs that are happening real soon, I can't really "run away" from all my stuffs like studying because the Angee we all know and love really is fond of studying and an exam is coming up on Friday (night too, there goes my weekend) so there you go, I have done highlighting stuffs but basically that's not enough to get good grades you have to go beyond reading to reach something. :o

And they say people who read are very smart...? Tsk tsk, I read too but they don't go to my head, heh. Not smart enough.

I'll keep this one short but I'll surely, surely be blogging real soon again after my Finance exam on Friday and until then! ;*

Hugs and kisses to my non-existing readers???
Angee R Cadaverini

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